Florida was well represented at the Southeastern Leadership Roundtable with Board Member Melissa Mo Honey and Event Coordinator Rob Leaman from Burnt Oranges / Florida PreHeat and Afterburn, also Co-founder of Both BOI and Florida En Fuego Kim (also on the En Fuego BOD), Holly Hamel who we all know and love from the Florida, Georgia and North Carolina events who is another hopeful addition to the team for our future Florida En Fuego Events , and Me DJ_Peejay, from Florida En Fuego Board of Directors.
It is always so inspiring to be in a room full of self-motivated hard working individuals with a common goal: grow our community, teach our principals by being the example – oh! And have FUN doing it! There are a lot of exciting things going on in the Burning Man organization, one of the most inspiring parts is seeing that our community has grown globally and there are people all over the world that have the same values and visions for the future, they care about our world, about art, and about being good humans! There are so many resources available to us through Burners Without Borders to contribute and get grants for project ideas here in our local region, and I feel like Burning Man organization really wants to help us grow our regionals. We discussed how to have a positive presence in our everyday community, no longer will we refer to our homes as the ‘default world’ but as the ‘Extended Playa’ Bringing our core principals to our everyday lives, teaching our children those principals, and making it our way of life – not just a ‘Temporary’ Community anymore.
Now, the Florida En Fuego Board Members have been invited to attend the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in San Francisco – Kim and Kenneth Holderfield​ are both planning to attend. Also, Florida En Fuego champion Micah will be there representing us there with her usual charm – so far she has done an awesome job taking on any and every task at hand, and I know with this experience we can only expect to see more from her! I can’t wait to hear what they have to bring back to the table when they return from GLC!

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