Volunteering is FUN and the best gift you can give your community! It is the best way to see all the things and meet all the people!! The best part is all the love and appreciation you will receive from your community, the satisfaction of being well fed at the volunteer celebration dinner! These event can’t be done without you so please volunteer if you are able!

Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that trans-formative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We make the world real through actions that open the heart.
Practicing the principle of Participation, events are staffed entirely by volunteers. Volunteering gets us out there, interacting with other participants. If you’re a little shy and need a great way to meet and interact with your fellows; whatever the strength, there is a perfect place for every person to volunteer.

It takes all of us, collaborating as a community, to make these events happen. We care about each other, support each other, and assist each other guided by the principle of Communal Effort. Many hands make light work and help ensure that all participants have an amazing experience on the beautiful land of Xanadu, and give us all the opportunity to grow our individual and collective visions and art.

Everyone, including the organizers, buys an invite to attend, anyone who receives a free invite from any Org. has been gifted an invite bought and paid for by someone who donated it for the specific purpose of Org. gifting them. To show our appreciation for those who do gift their time, we do give those who have volunteered at the current event first opportunity for an invite to the next event.

Please see the descriptions below for our volunteer departments and what is involved. If you aren’t sure where your skills would be helpful, if you don’t have current skills but would like to receive training, or if you just aren’t sure where to start – please email the Volunteer Coordinator at for inquiries and assistance.

Facebook group links are provided to communicate with department leads and other volunteers. If you’re at the event, and you (or your friends) would like to sign up for new or additional volunteer shifts, visit the volunteer/info booth, or speak with any of our leads to point you in the right direction.

Ways you can volunteer at Florida en Fuego:

Builds Team
DPW (Department of Public Works)
F.A.S.T (Fire Arts Safety Team)
Fartvergnugen/LNT (MOOP Squad)
P.A.S.T (Propane Arts Safety Team)
Volunteer Application

Volunteer departments’ descriptions, complete with links for more information and communication and applications are below:


The Xanadu City ‘Dept. of Public Works & Builds Team’ are the group that plans, surveys, builds, and takes down the basic infrastructure of our temporary community in Xanadu. The Builds Team work, hand-in-hand with other departments, has instituted the City Plan, through which roads and basic infrastructure throughout the Xanadu are gridded and built. Help pull people out went stuck at Xanadu. They help with Art, Effigy and Theme camp builds, and coordinates with the Fire team for the Effigy structure(s). If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the Builds Team, click here to find out what we need:
Builds Team Facebook
Builds Team Volunteer Sign ups


Fire is the very heart and essence of life. For it is phenomena rather than substance, one that is revealed, seen and touched in ways of risk and ritual. What is the Fire Conclave? The Fire Conclave is a composition of select fire performance groups from around the world who create choreography dedicated to honoring the Man. Their performances forge a temporary community, as they offer fire art as a gift in service to “the Man”. Under the night sky, before the release of the Man in pyrotechnic delight, fire performers and support staff gather at one time — and here, more fire energy is expressed and let loose than anywhere else in the world. Along with the Fire Conclave there are also the Processional Consortium and Ambient Drummers. This ceremonial fire activity encompasses the spirit as well as the body and mind. The gathering of people dancing and drumming around a fire goes back to the beginning of the big burn and beyond — it is the original, essential form of dance that crystallizes community. By summoning the power of the flame to flow through us, it strengthens and transforms our spirit.

Fire Watch/Safety Personnel/Perimeter

This position goes by many names, but simply put they are responsible for making sure the fire stays where it should be. If performers accidentally lights themselves on fire, Fire Safeties are at the ready to put it out quickly with a wet towel or other fire retardant materials. Fire Watch/Safety Personnel are clear, capable, competent and are required to honor sobriety while they are performing their duties. Fire Watch / Safety Personnel may sometimes also be a performer.

Learn about how to join the Fire Conclave and about the Fire Conclave history and more information can be found at the following link:
Conclave Facebook
Conclave Volunteer Sign ups
Conclave Perimeter Volunteers


The Xanadu City ‘Dept. of Public Works’ is the group that plans, surveys, builds, and takes down the basic infrastructure of our temporary community in Xanadu. The DPW, hand-in-hand with other departments, has instituted the City Plan, through which roads and basic infrastructure throughout the Xanadu are gridded and built. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the DPW Team, click here to find out what we need:
DPW Facebook
DPW Volunteer Sign ups


Fire is the heart of A Burn event, and we encourage and support all types of safe fire art and pyrotechnic displays. The following information is designed to promote the safe use of open fire, flame effects and pyrotechnics in your artwork, performance, theme camp or Mutant Vehicle. Please read the following in its entirety that will apply to your work. Thank you for burning safely! (F.A.S.T) is a team of artists, fire safety personnel and industry professionals whose mission is to provide experienced support for fire artists and to ensure the safe use of fire at the Florida En Fuego event. F.A.S.T assists artists in the safe execution of open fire, flame effects, and/or pyrotechnics in installations, Theme camps and Mutant Vehicles. FAST inspects artworks incorporating fire and issues the appropriate Burn License(s) once the artwork has been approved. There are two kinds of FAST personnel: 1) FAST Artist Liaisons work with artists and fire safety liaisons during the pre-event evaluation process, and 2) FAST Leads oversee any burns and/or pyrotechnic shows at the event. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience in planning your artwork. As well as the conclave Perimeter Volunteers who are there for the safety of all our participants. to keep them a safe distance from the fire and fun. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the F.A.S.T, click here to find out what we need:
Fire Arts Safety Team (F.A.S.T.) Facebook
F.A.S.T. Volunteer Sign ups


Our priority is to ensure that each and every citizen of Xanadu gets in safely and with the proper credentials (i.e., ticket in hand, signed waiver and wrist bands). We search vehicles, looking for stowaways, potential MOOP-makers (Matter Out Of Place), firearms, fireworks and dogs. As well as, making sure all Mutant Vehicles entering the city are pre-registered with the DMV. We unite artists with art placement and theme camp with their respective placement. Also, help on the guidance of proper parking. All this while making sure the traffic on the highway doesn’t back up. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the Gate Team, click here to find out what we need:
Gate Facebook
Gate Volunteer Sign ups


The greeters are the face of the event and are the newcomer’s first impression of Xanadu (our city within Florida En Fuego). It is most important, that everyone is welcomed home with love and joy. You are the first impression when they arrive to Xanadu after a long day of driving and packing. Our mission is to orient and educate arriving citizens while spreading wit, whimsy and infectious enthusiasm to carloads of people. Greeters explain the “Don’t let it hit the ground!” principle, clarify the concept of Community, and answer all questions in an offbeat yet helpful (or endearingly hostile) ways. Enlightening new and returning participants alike is a vital role. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the Greeter Team, click here to find out what we need:
Greeters Facebook
Greeters Volunteer Sign ups


Leaving No Trace is arguably one of our community’s most important principles. If we don’t uphold that one, no more events, also Leaving No Trace is not just about the land; it’s our ethic about the whole planet. Burners are environmentalists. It’s just our nature. The LNT Squad are an outreach and communications group whose mission is to educate and inspire Florida En Fuego participants to Leave No Trace (LNT) at the event. It crafts LNT-specific multimedia messages for the community and shares its appreciation of the natural beauty of Xanadu. It also advocates for a greener event. Educates about our culture, and participate in the movement! They integrating theater, dance, performance and participatory games to bring awareness to litter, the TLN squad reminds people to Leave No Trace. The group is made up of MOOP agents and a wide-reaching support network that is on a mission to inspire behavioral change on a worldwide scale. The LNT squad is committed to encouraging people to LEAVE NO TRACE. We are empowering people to take control of their environment and inspire change through the ripple effect. We love to play, and invite you to join us! If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the LNT/MOOP SQUAD, click here to find out what we need:


This team offers Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical evaluation and treatment, Mental Health services (including sexual assault response), 911 Dispatch, and providing the two-way radio communications infrastructure for all of Xanadu.

The Medic Team interested in recruiting dedicated, skilled professionals from all areas of emergency services. If the idea of volunteering with other community dedicated, fun-loving, energetic and professional emergency services providers is of interest to you please submit your credentials, certifications, and qualifications to our medical lead. You can follow the link for more information and find out what we need:
Medical Facebook
Medical Volunteer Sign ups

P.A.S.T (Propane Arts Safety Team)

Much of the same safety regulations as F.A.S.T applies here for our city of Xanadu just artistically specific to Propane and the details can be understood as Flame Effects which is defined as “The combustion of solids, liquids, or gasses to produce thermal, physical, visual, or audible phenomena before an audience.” This includes all flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or having any other action than simply being lit on fire; as well as projects using propane or other liquid or gaseous fuels. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the P.A.S.T, click here to find out what we need:
P.A.S.T. (Propane Arts Safety Team) Facebook
P.A.S.T. Volunteer Sign ups


The Florida En Fuego Rangers are a cross-section of the Xanadu community, who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. Responding to the ever-changing environment, Rangers address within our community situations that would otherwise require outside intervention. By encouraging and facilitating communication, the Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards, from sunstroke to tent fires. They are emphatically not the police or a paramilitary organization. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the Ranger Team, click here to find out what we need:
Rangers Facebook
Rangers Volunteer Sign ups


Sanctuary is a place of refuge for Florida En Fuego participants who, for whatever reasons, are temporarily overwhelmed by their Xanadu experience. Operated under the clinical oversight of the Medic Team and staffed primarily by Rangers with extraordinary listening skills and some background in peer counseling, Sanctuary helps dozens of participants each year get through emotional upsets, breakups, bad trips, freakouts, sheer exhaustion, and sometimes, the emotional spillover from very serious incidents. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the Sanctuary Team, click here to find out what we need:
Sanctuary Facebook
Sanctuary Volunteer Sign ups


Do you have fun ideas for activities for kids? Do you have some fun ideas to teach the 10 Principles to the kids? Do you want to help teach the kids flow toys? Drumming, Hooping, or aerialist moves? Arts and Crafts? Do have a kid who you want to be a part of KidsTopia? This is a sign up to reserve time to do actives with the kids or help supervise and assist others who may want to do actives with the kids. These are two hour slots. Anyone wanting to do an activity with the kids would supply all materials and supplies. You can apply for an art grant to help with this. KidsTopia does have some flow toys and other supplies so please inquire if you have any questions. If you are interested in volunteering, to be a part of the KidsTopia Team, click here to find out what we need:
KidsTopia Facebook
KidsTopia Volunteer Sign ups

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