To Participate in conclave you must first contact Dave PhyerBolt and Jay Sandge.

Fire Safety

ALL FIRE PERFORMERS or anyone playing with Fire must attend a Fire Safety Meeting. Information will be posted at Ranger Headquarters.

Fuel Dumps

Absolutely NO SMOKING near the fuel dump
Mark your can if you do not wish to share your fuel
30 ft minimum distance from the fuel depot to light your prop
Spin off away from people, tents, structures, etc. and be aware of the wind

In case of a fuel dump fire:

STOP, wait, and assess the situation before reacting
Smother the fire with the lid if possible
Establish a perimeter around the fire
Use an extinguisher on the fire if possible
NEVER USE WATER on a fuel dump fire
Call the fire safety team ASAP

Fire Etiquette

You must have a safety whenever you are spinning
Both you and your safety must be sober (Rule of thumb: if you are good to drive a car, you are okay to spin. If you would not drive your car, don’t light up!)
Maintain at least a 20-30ft distance from structures
Maximum safety ratio is 3 to 1 but less is preferable
Be aware of your surroundings
Synthetic fibers are dangerous and natural fibers are safer; however, you make your own choices about what you choose to wear
Always inspect your props before lighting
White gas, lamp oil, and kerosene are the only approved fuels – if you use anything other than pure white gas, you must label your can accordingly
Fire Breathers must also talk to the LEAD for special instructions

How to Safety

The way to call to a person who is on fire is “HOLD, *person’s name or prop’s name*, *body part that is on fire*.” Example: “HOLD, MAYHAM, SHOULDER!” or “HOLD, ROCKET STAFF, LEG!”
Give the performer the opportunity to put themselves out first – most fuel transfers are easily brushed out
If the fire lasts longer than 2-3 seconds, intervene with a towel AFTER ensuring that the performer knows you are coming in
Brush the fire down with your hands together over the towel to deprive it of oxygen
Wipe, not pat
Stop drop and roll is still good life advice in severe cases
If the spinner would prefer to put out their own prop, let them– they know their props better than you do
Use the “burrito strat” to put out wicks
Place the wick on the towel in front of you
Fold the towel away from you over the wick first
Fold the sides of the towel over the center to make a “burrito”
Suffocate the fire
Small puff of smoke indicates that the fire is out

Conclave Perimeter Tips

Face the crowd, not the structure
Get the first three rows of people to sit down if possible– creates a natural barrier
Eyes on the crowd; don’t turn around
Be friendly with the crowd. It’s totally cool to encourage your friends to sit near you and keep you company. Social capital matters!
Stay in place if someone successfully breaks past you– ONLY the inner perimeter has permission to charge the person rushing the circle
Stay on perimeter until you are released when the firefighters give the “all clear” for people to run around the effigy
If the fire is too hot, the crowd will naturally back up– back up with the crowd
If you feel uncomfortable at any time, tell one of the safety leads and we will replace you. Do not leave until you have been replaced.