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Incandescence Theme Camps Announced

The Hookah Lounge
Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored
tobaccos, coffee, and wide selection of teas. Our Moroccan style
lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night.
The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the
ultimate AfterBurn chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses
based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others

Resolution Revolution
Resolution Revolution gives you a place to come and
share your Resolutions for the year to come. We will have some
interactive methods of sharing your resolutions set up so that they
may be seen or heard by all, or secretly let go in the flames of the
effigy. Also our resident DJs will be bringing the party vibe for all
throughout the event so come and Dance the night away and share a
Champagne Toast!

Kinky Mean Girls
Kinky Mean Girls is a BDSM/Fetish themed camp with
a functional woodland dungeon space and cuddle tent. We host open dungeon
during the event and our camp is available for this purpose 24 hours.
Nestled back in the woods, KMG offers a great deal of privacy to
cater to your scenes and senses while still keeping the kink away from innocent
eyes or those who wish to avoid it. Friday night’s only whiskey fueled cuddle puddle against humanity. Whiskey shots, cards, and cuddles plus open dungeon all night.

The Eclectic Sound and Motion Tribe
This camp features two completely awesome assholes
who only endeavor to open your fucking minds with sound, motion, and
psychic fuckery. Djembe Jack (Kuiper) will be debuting his new
psytrance compositions and spinning down some antique beats and chill
vibes. Desja will be doing her shamanic dance thing and will be on tap
for anyone interested in communicating with the dead, experience a
theta healing session, and/or having their tarot cards read to see
what craptastic shit 2017 has in store. If the mood strikes she may
art it up a bit as well – on demand or inspiration, of course.

Camp Plug N Play
Down themecamp row, you will find a table, some
speakers, a few lights, a clearing for a dance floor, a single 3 prong
edison 120V AC plug, and a 3.5mm standard auxillary jack. Plug your
music producing equipment (phone, laptop, turntables) into the aux
jack, and pull any power you need from the single power cable (if you
need more outlets, bring your own power splitter). The speakers have
their own power. At it’s core, this is an experiment in negotiation,
if you and another participant want to use it at the same time, then
you need to negotiate it out as to who gets to play at that moment.
Work it out among yourselves and don’t get to the point where you need
to involve a ranger. Through your contribution to this music space,
allow us to experience the art you call music through your ears.

The Slutty Paintbrush
The Slutty Paintbrush will be a portable – on – the
go face painting and body paint station on the go traveling around on
the beautiful property as needed. Cupcakes and Smiles will be

The Secret Garden
Explore Xanadu and follow every garden path and you
will find the secret garden, a playspace that will induce your and
your walkabout partner into a romantic mindset. See the wonderous
characters abound, see the soothing and relaxing light, and hear the
backtrack of romantic songs. Take your partner by the hand and slow
dance your way into each other’s hearts in this quaint and hidden
clearing. If you can’t find it… F’jord might show you.

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Winter Survival Guide

Guide to Winter Camping at Xanadu
Xanadu weather is never easy. Over the summer we released a camping guide to Xanadu that detailed everything you would need to stay healthy and have a blast at Midsummer Night’s Dream. The seasons have turned and winter is upon us. In this guide we aim to give you the best advice to have a spectacular time at Incandescence.
For tent camping, one of the most important things not having contact with the ground when you are sleeping. This even means through tarps or the bottom of your tent. You can use an insulated bed roll, thermal sleeping bag, or inflatable mattress, but direct contact will cause the heat in your body to go into the ground which will cause at the very least a lot of pain but can result in hypothermia.
If you get an inflatable mattress, the best thing is to put a sleeping bag or other insulation face up on top of it and then a fitted sheet over that. The air in the mattress will get very cold as well, which can be uncomfortable. Putting an open sleeping bag face up on the mattress will keep you separated from that cold. If you have one sleeping bag, then just use it as normal with you inside and on top of the mattress. Also, suggested for an inflatable mattress is an air pump with batteries (rechargeable or not). If the mattress loses air in the middle of the night, it’s usually better to inflate it where it is. If you have access to a generator at the event an electric blanket works great. Use it carefully and don’t leave it on all night as this can result in burns at high temperatures. Most of these blankets have an emergency cut off switch.

If we were in a colder climate, then the choice of tent would be very important. But it’s not that cold so any cheap nylon tent will typically do well. A canvas tent is great for keeping the heat in, but it’s just not necessary.
If you are getting a propane heater for your tent, it’s a good idea to get a carbon monoxide and fire detector as well. No one expects an accident to happen, but heaters can get knocked over in the middle of the night or during other activity and it’s good to have a warning.
Small propane heaters will heat up most small enclosed spaces and can make things a lot more comfortable. They sell these at big box hardware stores and they take the 1lb green canisters. It depends on the heater you get, but one canister usually lasts two nights.
Electric heaters are also an option if you expect to have power. Just remember that it’s you that will be jumping out in the middle of the night to refuel the generator if it runs out of gas.
In the day time, it will be warm enough that food will spoil. A refrigerator is normally kept at 40 degrees, and so for anything perishable you will need a cooler and ice. There will be ways to get ice at the event, but a large cooler should last the whole weekend. One tip for making ice last longer is to keep a towel on top of the food, as it will hold the cold in when you open it to get a drink.
In the day time, it can get pretty warm. Especially if you are coming from up north, the temperature in the day will be comfortable in jeans and t-shirt. But at night, it will dip down, so having a warm coat is a good idea. Layers are always good because theme camps might have different kinds of fire and other heaters going so it’s better to be able to adjust your clothing to your comfort.
As with all camping, it’s good to have a propane stove for cooking. Pretty much any one will do and one green canister will last the weekend. Pots and pans from home should be brought as well.
Some clean water should be brought for washing and drinking. This isn’t That Thing In The Desert, so 1 gallon per person for the weekend should be plenty. There are stalls for camp showers as well, so you may want to bring extra water for that. But even in the day time, this can be pretty cold.
It isn’t expected to rain, but weather people can be wrong and having an umbrella never hurt anyone. I’ve never gone on a trip and said “Man, I really wish I didn’t bring this umbrella.”

To recap, the minimal packing list is
– any basic tent
– insulation from the ground when you are sleeping. If you are bringing an air mattress, extra insulation from the air mattress.
– some kind of warm cover/duvet/sleeping bag
– possibly a personal heater
– food and drinks
– a cooler with ice for your perishable food. Consider laying a towel inside to help keep the cold in.
– a simple camp stove
– some propane canisters
– clothes for temperate weather (70s and 60s) that can be layered to chilly weather (40s and 30s)
– water for washing and drinking
– an umbrella

If you want to have a fire, then please understand that no ground fires are allowed on the property. It should be in a fire pit. If you are under or near trees, it should have a metal screen to catch embers. All fires must have someone present to tend to them, and if one is left alone, DPW or fire safety may put it out without talking to anyone.

Happy burn

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Theme Camp Registration EXTENDED

Citizens of Xanadu!

Theme Camp Registration has been extended until December 26th at 9pm.  Please if you have the intentions to have a registered theme camp for Incandescence 2016 visit https://floridaenfuego.org/get-involved/2016-theme-camp-registration/ and get registered.  We need to know if there needs to be space made for your camp and if there is anything you need from us.

Thanks Oh So Much,

Theme Camps and Placement