Please fill this out in its entirety.

What you write here will be reviewed and possibly posted on the fund-raising webpage. It is subject to edit or removal, and thus will be how the community will decide whether or not to donate to your project. Make sure it is accurate and thorough!

We will review your submissions before posting to make sure it is up to standards, but the rest is up to you. Your budgets will be public! Please make them as clean and specific as possible!

Your budget should be made share-able through Google Drive or emailed to our team leader.

Qualifying Budget Example:

If you have any questions or need help with your proposal, email us at floridaenfuego(at) We’re here to help!

**Tickets may not be included in your budget proposal. Money to pay for a rental space to create the project that you are already currently renting may not be included. Transportation costs from the build site to event site may be included.**

Every year Florida en Fuego issues a small number of grants for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects for display or projects that fall into live art performances, seminars, workshops, training ie. education at Xanadu. We look for work that stands on its own as a physical, sculptural installation or independent performances or activities, although these may accompany the installation.

**Neither Florida en Fuego, Inc. or its agents, members, managers, directors, or other personnel provide any tax advice for how to handle any donations made or received in regard to the Florida En Fuego Art Fundraiser. All individuals receiving funds as a result of their participation in this event, or for any reason related to this event or any project they present at this event, are strongly encouraged to consult with their own tax or financial professionals regarding any possible tax consequences or other financial matters related thereto, or arising therefrom.

Ownership of projects or parts of projects funded partially or in full by Florida en Fuego is dealt with on an individual case basis.

By participating in this event, you agree to hold Florida en Fuego, Inc. its agents, members, managers, directors, and other personnel harmless for any liability related to the receipt or donation of any funds at, through, or in any way associated with this event.***

    What is the Title of your art project? *

    Most correspondence will be through email, please provide one for us to communicate*

    Phone calls will only be made on an as needed basis – we will primarily communicate with you through email.*

    Mailing Address*

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    Zip Code*

    Artist / Group Name*

    Describe your vision. What do you want to do? How will you accomplish it? Why do you want to do it? Please provide a short synopsis AND a detailed description.*


    *Fire Safety Plan* If your Art Project involves any fire or fuel, please give a detailed safety plan.
    If your art project has any kind of fire effects, or uses fuel in any way (for art cars and ships or any such thing) you absolutely must fill out this portion of the form. In it should be a list of the safety equipment you plan to bring (or need funding for) and a detailed safety plan. Your art, your responsibility!

    LNT (Leave No Trace) Plan* Every project has the potential to leave a trace. How will you avoid or account for that?

    Community Involvement*

    How will this project involve and impact the community in its planning, creation, realization, and beyond?

    Describe your timeline for creating this project. Be specific; we need to know that this project is fully thought out and feasible! *

    Link to Qualifying Budget*
    In order to be approved you MUST provide a link to a spreadsheet that details both your MINIMUM and MAXIMUM budget. Please see the sample budget provided in the description at the top of the page to view an example of how your budget should look. Please note: If your budget is too vague or not done correctly, you will be contacted to correct your budget. This consumes time and puts you at risk of not qualifying for grant funds, so please do it right!

    Link to Maintenance Grant Budget
    Itemized line item budget with a max and minimum value. Do you have a project that you’ve done before that you’d like to bring but it needs some repairs? Fill this portion out as well as possible.

    Photos for project

    You will need to provide at least ONE photo of your project for the online fundraiser. It can be something that represents the project, a logo, a sketch, or a photo of a prototype. You can be creative, but it MUST be provided in a IMGUR link, website photo link, or email photo!

    Other Is there anything else you want to say about your project? (Here’s a good place to make a call-out for participation with the work or link to further info).