There is a huge effort by to make sure that children are included in the regional events. There have been great strides, already, in creating participatory areas and activities for ‘under age participants’ by regional events. Some of the things we (Florida En Fuego) intend to pursue on this front are:

1. ‘Home Base’ (ranger station) for kids to recognize (having recognizable visual aids at the ranger headquarters (station) for the kids!) – have parents show the kids (after being taught at greeter or gate to do so) and say “if you get lost, this is where you come to, and talk to a Ranger!”

2. Having the kids be a part of the build of the Temple. On Sunday they will hold their own FLOW conclave before we light the temple.

3. Having mailboxes at every camp with color coded flags on them: for camps to signal parents AND PARTICIPANTS. Red, Yellow, and Green will be the colors in use for this. Red being a not kid-friendly area, Yellow saying use discretion, Green saying ‘this is for everyone, go for it kids!’ This way all participants can practice respect towards kids and their parents. Which will help parents also will be aware of appropriate areas.

4. We will starting a scout program for kids to earn badges related to the 10 principals.

5. There will be a kid friendly play space with lots of fun things for kids to do.