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For Lizzy

The Ten of Wands

Like the tree moving toward the light, grow yourself as you expand and extend yourself into the light. The Tree as a wand symbolizes your growth in consciousness and unfoldment. Just as the tree grows downward, discover your roots, growing deeply into the dark (subconscious and past) and into the earth (primordial collective unconscious). The thickening and branching of the tree symbolizes the expanding of your worldly life and your understanding of your everyday fortunes. The tree also grows upward, representing your spiritual development and your attainment of higher consciousness and knowledge of the future. Through growth, you flower like the rose, shine like the star and tower like the redwood. It is time to move up, break out and branch out.

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson

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  1. Squishy (Heather) 6 years ago says:

    Immediately when I saw these symbols, I’ve wanted to use them. I’ve always had a fascination w/ symbology. So I was excited to see that these symbols have been gifted to our community. I’m planning to incorporate these symbols into an exsisting art piece that some of my camp mates and I made for a regional burn in 2015. We plan to take it with us to all burns that we attend and would be willing to send it to others if someone were interested in taking it for display. These symbols will be a wonderful addition. Thank you and BURN BRIGHT!!!!!!

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