February 25, 2016 AUTHOR: Florida en Fuego CATEGORIES: Frontpage Article

Burning Neon & Florida en Fuego Fundraiser

We may have not raised any money, but we did succeed! Our mission statement is to ultimately support art and artists. That is exactly what we did! Every artist there sold some work and got lots of exposure. We even had three artist sell their first pieces of art, to be able to be a part of that and witness the amazement and pride on their faces was a privilege! Well worth all our hard work! We reach out beyond the burner community and help artist who otherwise might not have had the opportunity for this exposure. I know that to be true of three of them and maybe two very happy DJS first time spinning in a public venue other than a burn! I talked to them all and they were all really happy to be given the opportunity that we gave them. Thank you to

Neon Genie

Scotty Freyer

Julie Mills aka Dj Peejay

Rusty aka Professor

& Heather Sparks

The contributors Madison Sparks,


Dave Seaburn

KerrySpace Ciotti

Jungle Bot

Phil Dj-afco Davison

Light up Wire

Prosperity World


Robert Aura Freitag

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