Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos, coffee, and wide selection of teas. Delight so “Edible Orgasms” served up during the ‘Volunteer RockStar” dinner. Hang out, meet people, play board games.  Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate en Fuego chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others.


Part One; The “Photo-Wall”.
This project is a photographic review of the 2006 Burning Man and about 20 other “Burn Principals based” events, what Peter photographed/participated. The laminated 8×10″ photographs are displayed on PVC pipe frames. 4 panels with both sides covered with photographs. About 30 photographs on one side of each pane, or a total of 240 photographs will be on display, telling the story of Burn events and Burners.
Part Two: The “Foto-Tent”
A 13’x13′ pop up tent will serve as an improvised photo studio, for partial replacement of the old 20’x30′ PVC pipe AND silver tarp structure (the “airplane hangar”), what served for about 10 events. It will give opportunities to anyone to work with a professional photographer, get photographed, and receiving free pictures (printed copies and/or digital). For many burners it was a first time and longtime desired things, to present their burner outfit and liberated personality. Peter works with volunteering models mainly on synergy bases. He prefers to briefly interview them and suggests lighting, props and poses based on what he thinks/feels would describe the models’ personality/character. Request and suggestions are always respected and appreciated!



Explore Xanadu and follow every garden path and you will find the secret garden, a playspace that will induce your and your walkabout partner into a romantic mindset. See the wondrous characters abound, see the soothing and relaxing light, and hear the backtrack of romantic songs. Take your partner by the hand and slow dance your way into each others hearts in this quaint and hidden clearing. If you can’t find it… F’jord might show you.


Come see us for relief from your pains and strains and for some burner style comfort and lovin’. We are all about Loving others in some unusual ways. We are a kink friendly camp. We provide various therapies, such as massage, inversion tables, reflexology for pain relief, EFT for stress reduction and a whole lotta other things that try your patience and make life difficult. We have been able to offer relief to people who have been in pain for years. Some have even experienced complete pain relief for the first time in many years after a visit to The Magic Touch. (True story.) We do a lotta buffing with the option of buffergasms for those who consent. We participate in B.E.D. (Bureau of Erotic Discourse). We are here for you.

We also provide, hugs, cuddles and spankings as needed and consented to. Impact play is also available. We just wanna love you the best we know how. We are here for you.

Camp Psychonaut

Come experience healing power of sound and focus on channeling the spirit of the woods through the sounds being played, tracks by artists that inspire, along with some originals. The didgeridoo and drums lovingly played to help us rise truly powerful and moving experience. I am VERY excited to be performing for you all again! We plan on starting every morning off with deep dark and guttural Buddhist monk chants which really work great to reactivate those screaming and somewhat sad hungover cells. Then to light and melodic mantras by Deva Premal who might be an ACTUAL angel 🙂 Then we’ll ease into some Trip-hop for the majority of daylight & we’ll work in a few original tracks. Then it’s all about downtempo tribal beats, dirty ass psychedelic night jams that guide one out of hell on a rainbow >:) We’re gonna really get down to the importance of sound and hopefully discover the voice of the WOODS YIP YIP!!!


Camp Description – An auxiliary camp, attached literally at the hip to Camp Psychonaut. Were bringing sound and light to the effigy field.
Were opening our entire camp to all other performers including djs, singers, instrumentalists via plug and play sound boards.(email plan b to get on the itinerary Djthreeman@gmail.com

Well be hosting flow sessions through out the entire event, with pads and loading stations for fire performers.
there will be a massive paint station for face/body/canvas or whatever medium you have or want.
There will be a forest meditation shrine/altar adjacent to the camp for self reflection or group ritual.
electronic drums will be on site and available for all to play with.
We encourage all to bring hand drums, maracas, tambourines etc for drum circle participation, in the name of tribal spirit.


bWreckedfast is here for all of your breakfast needs after a long night in the wilds of Xanadu. We will be serving Breakfast to weary travelers from 9 AM – 11 AM on Saturday and Sunday. We also will provide jello shots to more curious travelers.