Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos, coffee, and wide selection of teas. Delight so “Edible Orgasms” served up during the ‘Volunteer RockStar” dinner. Hang out, meet people, play board games.  Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate en Fuego chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others.


Camp Psychonaut

Come experience healing power of sound and focus on channeling the spirit of the woods through the sounds being played, tracks by artists that inspire, along with some originals. The didgeridoo and drums lovingly played to help us rise truly powerful and moving experience. I am VERY excited to be performing for you all again! We plan on starting every morning off with deep dark and guttural Buddhist monk chants which really work great to reactivate those screaming and somewhat sad hungover cells. Then to light and melodic mantras by Deva Premal who might be an ACTUAL angel 🙂 Then we’ll ease into some Trip-hop for the majority of daylight & we’ll work in a few original tracks. Then it’s all about downtempo tribal beats, dirty ass psychedelic night jams that guide one out of hell on a rainbow >:) We’re gonna really get down to the importance of sound and hopefully discover the voice of the WOODS YIP YIP!!!


Camp Mi Hoy Minoy

Camp Mi Hoy Minoy is a kid friendly massages and massage teaching camp for those who are interested the knowledge I have gathered so far in school through practical application of my skills. Our camp will be open after Gate operating hours, with at least two set aside time slots for practice services. There will be a white board out side when open for sign ups.

Center Camp Take Over

This year we will have a center camp tent set up on third field where The Professor & DJ PeeJay will be playing their killer sets under some amazing black light deco to blow the mind!

Shiva Palace temple of vision

Shiva Palace is a relaxing atmosphere of spiritual like this quiet location for people to come and hang out and meditate special place for gifting and loving The temple of vision is an art complex displaying master works of art from Rich Hicks in Atlanta we combine the two.

We start in the void, feeling alone in the dark, yet knowing we are safe and protected. Then we hear a faint beat, just like our mother’s, and all our ancestor’s, heartbeat. We flow to this gentle beat. Then we recognize and truly see, connect, and move with others as the music crescendos, recognizing the chorus and dance of nature with us. As we slow down, we come back to our U-niverse and begin yoga nidra meditation to bring this love out to all. Depending on weather and location, this experience will be outside under trees and the 9.9′ cubed copper pyramid to amplify the energy or in the dome/under tarps. As Wizard creates sound bath with gongs, singing bowls, and flute, ResoNate and Sunshine facilitate breath movement, eye gazing, body movement, and meditative yoga nidra. A new experience we would like to try based on weather is a guided watsu (water shiatsu) with the singing bowls in the lake for a full body immersive experience. As with any partner practice, we start with centering self, connecting with other, and practice consent communication. This is our gift to the community, holding safe spaces that allow one to fully be present in this immediate moment, to participate and be radically included while practicing consent communication. The combination of the sound bath that already opens the heart with the practice of consensually, non-sexually, merging with another and nature allows us to awaken to our U-niverse. The copper pyramid is also an art piece that magnifies the energies of the heavens and earth through us and is able to be enjoyed day and night.

Jam Camp

We built a permanent platform on third field that can be used for years to come for Jam Camp to bring an interactive music setup. We will be doing live music Jamming sessions. If you would like to join in just give us a shout, we love collaborating! We will also be sharing the space to our community on a pre-approved basis.

Conscious Kids Camp

Is a fun and exciting array of workshops geared toward children 12 and under designed to teach them about energetic connection throughout all things, both living and nonliving; foster their natural creativity and radical self-expression, help them co-create with their peers, guide them to learn and open to new possibilities and share wisdom while learning from each other; and share ancient wisdom while having an amazing weekend full of connection, love, and joy!I will provide a space with clear signage and schedule of the workshops we will be hosting, including the following: Welcome Gathering Kids Connection Circle; Mandalas; Intro to Aerial Yoga; Healthy Plant-Based Food Talk and Try; Explore the Chakras Energy Workshop utilizing Reiki Energy and Tuning Forks; Peace Train Interactive Storytime; Creative Expression Painting Individual and Collaborative piece; Aerial Yoga Tricks, Flying Spider, Moon, and Inverted Butterfly; Beginner Herbal Magick Make and Take; Intention Bracelets, Manifest your Intentions; Clay Creations; and Hoops.I have always enjoyed sharing wisdom and learning from the children. My own child, Aurora Moon also loves sharing wisdom and has been helping me create kids zones and guide workshops at multiple festivals and events for over 5 years, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than co-creating with Aurora and all the amazing kids we meet.

Camp Psycrowdelia

Camp Psycrowdelia will be doing non stop psychedelic music of all genres. Anyone is welcome to play a set and do their thing. We will do some more chill music before nightfall, then some psytrance till the morning. Some reggae-dub for daytime that’s the plan so far.