Down theme camp row, you will find a table, some speakers, a few lights, a clearing for a dance floor, a single 3 prong Edison 120V AC plug, and a 3.5mm standard auxiliary jack. Plug your music producing equipment (phone, laptop, turntables) into the aux jack, and pull any power you need from the single power cable (if you need more outlets, bring your own power splitter). The speakers have their own power. At it’s core, this is an experiment in negotiation, if you and another participant want to use it at the same time, then you need to negotiate it out as to who gets to play at that moment. Work it out among yourselves. Through your contribution to this music space, allow us to experience the art you call music through your ears.

Kid friendly but yellow flagged to allow for the parental advisory of explicit lyrics.



Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos, coffee, and wide selection of teas. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate en Fuego chill-out zone. If you have a favorite molasses based tobacco, you are welcome to bring it and share with others. We will have bonus activities like shitty karaoke and maybe a showing of a movie about an alien transvestite.


Kinky Mean Girls is a sex positive camp where all things sensual and kinky are possible. New upgrades bring new responsibility and this third burn for FEF we are bringing the heat. Come learn, party, and feel the thrills of the leather or the lace. Whatever your pleasure.
We will also be offering discussions, a 24hrs woodland dungeon, service topping when one of the kinky mean girls is around and submissive services including bathing, bug spray, tick checks, and massage.
Due to the sensual nature of this camp it is Red Flag 18+ only.

Discussion/Demo Classes:
Theme Camp Road Block party Friday night. Cuddles and beverage, volunteer fetish performance, light snacks and drink. Other residents of theme camp road are encouraged to come by KMG and party with us.
Negotiations and Consent workshop from B.E.D. will help participants gain a greater understanding about negotiating and garnering consent.


Serving lemonade & tea.


Foto-Tent will be open to the pleasure of any one who would like tohave taken a picture of them self professionally. It will be operated by Peter –who is an internationally acclaimed, published, exhibited and prized artist and will give a way one digital picture to any one who just would like to have a burning souvenir. Inspired, ambitious models, who either dressed up or dressed down with a burning spirit in mind will receive 2 (two) 8×10 printed pictures. Pictures will be delivered via E-mail, or hard copies at the next Burn event. Formerly photographed folks (from other events) who didn’t pick up yet their prints are encouraged to check up with us, we have high number of unclaimed pictures.



Explore Xanadu and follow every garden path and you will find the secret garden, a playspace that will induce your and your walkabout partner into a romantic mindset. See the wondrous characters abound, see the soothing and relaxing light, and hear the backtrack of romantic songs. Take your partner by the hand and slow dance your way into each others hearts in this quaint and hidden clearing. If you can’t find it… F’jord might show you.


North Florida Burner DJ’s come together to create the soundtrack of your burn!  We will be delivering a multitude of different types of music for your listening pleasure, and a kids dance hour (time TBA).  Stop by and hang out in our chill spot or get moving by the DJ booth.  DJ_Peejay and some secret surprise guests to play….. whenever we WANT  (its a secret!)



Ye Olde Cocksmith creates and casts one of a kind pleasure objects from medical grade platinum cure silicone. Our Cocksmith and Cockprentices will be taking orders and filling molds during daylight hours.


We’re a homey group that would like to serve food and drinks to the masses! Tentatively on the menu is chilled fruit, pigs in a blankets (several varieties), lemon squares and cookies, bacon, quesadillas, and homebrewed cold tea. Saturday at lunchtime, and Sunday for brunch.


Come check out the Legion of Doom dome, hang out in our plush seating area under the illuminating green lights of kryptonite. “Hide Out” will be serving refreshments from the bar and also having various Super Hero gadgets around to play with. Photo props face cut out- 1 Male/Female Super Hero 1-Male/Female Villian, With these you can pose with props to fight each other. Interactive lots of photo ops and we will even have missions based on the 10 principles plus we will have crafts activities for all ages but geared to kids. Light refreshments for the Heros & Villains to enjoy. We will have a small area for craft-workshops that is good for all ages. Enter superman’s phone booth and dress up as your favorite hero or villain.


Ours is a space to chill, relax and connect with others with an emphasis on wholistic care of your health with a hands on approach. We will be bringing massage and inversion tables for everyone to enjoy, including massage oils to make everything go down smoothly. Our massage tables will be covered. You are welcome to bring a towel to lie on as well. Our massage tables also come equipped with…..wait for it…………buffers! If you’ve never been buffed before, then you’re in for a treat. We have found that a 10-minute buffing head-to-toe leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a two hour massage by hand, plus you get up tingling all over! Buffing is basically massage on steroids.

We also offer lots of hugs, cuddles, words of encouragement and lovely spankings for those who want, need or just can’t live without them.

Camp Psychonaut

Come experience healing power of sound and focus on channeling the spirit of the woods through the sounds being played, tracks by artists that inspire, along with some originals. The didgeridoo and drums lovingly played to help us rise truly powerful and moving experience. I am VERY excited to be performing for you all again! We plan on starting every morning off with deep dark and guttural Buddhist monk chants which really work great to reactivate those screaming and somewhat sad hungover cells. Then to light and melodic mantras by Deva Premal who might be an ACTUAL angel 🙂 Then we’ll ease into some Trip-hop for the majority of daylight & we’ll work in a few original tracks. Then it’s all about downtempo tribal beats, dirty ass psychedelic night jams that guide one out of hell on a rainbow >:) We’re gonna really get down to the importance of sound and hopefully discover the voice of the WOODS YIP YIP!!!

Camp Polite as F*CK

Camp Polite as F*CK has arrived in small doses to a new to us burn. Stop by to visit our gazebo and socialize and make some new friends!
This is a sex/BDSM positive, tolerance based theme camp (for this burn yay!) In regular tradition we will be serving pantyhose coffee bright and early as Jade is an early riser. catch her early enough and there might be some mimosas to share while they last. Dragon and Becca (our virgin!) will each be offering tarot card readings, come by and ask. There may be schwag to be had! We will also be offering up, whenever the f*ck we feel like it, for your tasting enjoyment (21+): Picklebacks! Try one and earn some schwag!

Temple of Gaia

Temple of Gaia revival is a place to honor our Mother Nature and ourselves. You will find the elixir of life (water) infused with Gaia’s fruits and roots for anyone to replenish there bottle of water at our detox bar. This is a temple to reflect and honor Gaia all around us and within us, as we are her children. We will have an interactive Gaia mandala made from what we find around us and encourage people to make other mandalas throughout the land by taking time to truly honor Nature and reflect on her Majesty.