April 2, 2017 AUTHOR: Florida en Fuego CATEGORIES: News

Floralia Fest

Floralia is a free camping event at Xanadu. This is a weekend to come out and view the land, find a place for your theme camp, and start building your theme camp, some art, help with the the effigy or treehouse. It’s a special celebration for Jan’s birthday, she has requested you please bring a potted or potted bulbs flowering plant with you to donate to Xanadu! All are invited to come out. This weekend will be a great time to create and unwind before the event. We’ll be planting the flowers on Sunday. Come out and stay as long as you like, as log as you aren’t moving in! lol
Dress: Multicolored togas!
Also in the tradition of the Floralia Festival we will be having gladiator-style games.
Let’s inject color and beautiful flowers into Xanadu!

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